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Among the esteemed international Jury of the Prague Youth Film Festival were: 

Jana Aurora — Czech Film Commission representative. Prior to her work on the commission, Jana had worked as a literary agent representing foreign publishers and authors on Czech, Slovak and Slovene publishing markets. 

Mark Bliss — an acclaimed cinematographer, who lived and worked extensively in Australia and the Czech Republic. He has shot countless commercials, music videos, award-winning documentaries and 9 feature films. His feature “Standing Up For Sunny” won the prestigious award in Australia AACTA for Best Indie Film and the Best Independent Feature Film at the AFI awards, while his latest film “Remains of the Wind” was presented on Special Screenings last year in Cannes.

Vojtech Rynda — film journalist currently working for Tyden and Instinkt magazines as well as their web portals.

Matty Brown – director — as a film director, Matty Brown’s visual and emotional style is like a colorful tornado exploring the emotional facets of his audience. Having the most Vimeo Staff Picks in the world, Matty’s very signature style has sent a shockwave through the film industry influencing other creatives to adopt his unusual techniques. Matty is Emmy-nominated and has been featured in various festivals and publications around the world such as Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance, New York Times, 60 Minutes, Ellen, The Atlantic Magazine, Indiewire, Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, etc.

René Richter – DOP — a Director of Photography for numerous award-winning campaigns and movies. As cinematographer, René worked on 17 feature films, to name few:  Punk Love (Director: Nick Lyon),The White King (Director: Alex Helfrecht, Jörg Tittel), Head Full of Honey (Director: Til Schweiger) or Manta Manta 2 (Director: Til Schweiger).